Strive Forward is a support community that helps families and children during and after separation/divorce

Our Services

Community Support

Access to our online community, meetup, chats, events, forums, workshops and our resource library

Consulting Services

Connecting you to experts to guide you through your emotional, mental and parenting related issues

Divorce Management

Provide dedicated divorce management services for legal, custodial and financial complexities

Free Mediation

Mediate issues to keep you in control and to lower the cost of Divorce

Our Mission

Strive Forward is an online community which provides support, consulting services and divorce management. Our mission is to address emotional, mental and financial distress caused during every phase of Divorce/Separation process.

How We Help


  • We provide community and expert-driven platform to share problems and seek answers
  • We host a variety of events for individuals, families, and children going through similar situations
  • We partner with community organizations to bring together resources to empower you
  • We have a library of articles and resources on our websites and social media pages
  • We connect you to experts for emotional and mental support through secure chats, calls, and in-person meetings
  • We provide various consulting and divorce management services to manage your situation and life more efficiently

Our Values

As we grow as an online community, it has become more and more important to explicitly define the core values from which we develop our products & services, our brand, and our growth strategies.

  • Deliver world-class product and support service in cost effective manner
  • Be honest, passionate and don’t compromise on Integrity
  • Pursue growth and continuous learning
  • Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit culture
  • Achieve more with fewer resources
  • Stay Humble and keep improving

Our Success Stories

We aspire to become the world leader in addressing emotional, mental and financial distress due to failed relationships such as Divorce, Separation.

Working mother of a special needs child

As a working parent of a child with special needs, going through divorce has been both emotionally and financially traumatic. To the mounting pile of medical bills, now is the ever-increasing pile of legal bills with the hope that hiring a highly-rated attorney would help achieve a fair settlement at the earliest. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been that way in my case and as I heard, in others too. And this is where the divorce related support group, ran by Yogi and Nikhil came as a blessing. They helped me in lowering the legal bills by providing expert comments promptly on any…

P.K. New Jersey
Mother of 3 in emotionally and physically abusive marriage

I was introduced to this group at a very dark and bleak point in my life. It was December 20th 2016, I had lost the case to my ex-spouse and along with the case my custody of all my children. To give you a peak in my 15 years of married life, I stayed in denial that I lived in an emotionally, sexually, mentally, and physically-abusive marriage. My family and I finally moved from a middle-eastern country to New York, where I filed for protection and temporary custody which was granted. However, within a few months, I lost physical primary…

F.S. New York
Ex-wife with bipolar disorder condition and raising a teenager daughter

By far the biggest disappointment with divorce is that you lose the one person you trusted unconditionally. Suddenly you’re in a situation where you cannot share your day or bounce off interesting ideas with your spouse. And this starts well before the divorce, sometimes years before. Joining the support group gave me an opportunity to not only speak my mind, but also got a reassuring support when I was right and a well-deserved punch when I was being stupid. Just like a family would. The divorce support group has people who have been through this minefield. Some have crossed it…

S.N. New Jersey

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