What to bring for Mediation

Custody Issues:
  • The children’s school schedules with holidays.
  • Special need kids’ requirements/constraints
  • Parent’s job-related information: Travel requirements, commuting, work-from-home arrangements.
Financial Issues (including Child Support and Alimony):
  • Latest Pay stubs.
  • Last three years’ federal tax returns.
  • Last three years’ W-2 Forms for each party.
  • Copies of all bank, brokerage, and 401(k)/403(b) statements.
  • Most recent mortgage statement showing outstanding loan balances
  • Summary of all insurance policies and coverage.
  • Market assessment of real estate if property values are in dispute.
  • List of household items to be divided, if the parties cannot agree among themselves how to divide these items.
  • Credit report for each party