By far the biggest disappointment with divorce is that you lose the one person you trusted unconditionally. Suddenly you’re in a situation where you cannot share your day or bounce off interesting ideas with your spouse. And this starts well before the divorce, sometimes years before.

Joining the support group gave me an opportunity to not only speak my mind, but also got a reassuring support when I was right and a well-deserved punch when I was being stupid. Just like a family would. The divorce support group has people who have been through this minefield. Some have crossed it unscathed, some scarred, but most are willing to help the person right behind them. This sense of paying it forward is extremely humbling and essentially human nature at its best.

Being a part of this community is especially beneficial to the kids of divorced parents. They get to see that they are not alone; that there are others just like them. The friendships, support we created within this community is priceless. I and my daughter are so glad to have joined this group, to have met amazing friends like Yogi and Nikhil, and to have had the opportunity to reach out and help others is a blessing. I hope and pray that the momentum created by this community keeps gaining strength.

S.N. New Jersey