I was introduced to this group at a very dark and bleak point in my life. It was December 20th 2016, I had lost the case to my ex-spouse and along with the case my custody of all my children. To give you a peak in my 15 years of married life, I stayed in denial that I lived in an emotionally, sexually, mentally, and physically-abusive marriage.

My family and I finally moved from a middle-eastern country to New York, where I filed for protection and temporary custody which was granted. However, within a few months, I lost physical primary custody of my three children.

It was on that day that I found the support group online for people undergoing divorce. They have now become my second family. Members such as Yogi, Nikhil, and others held me strong when I was crying in despair. Nikhil was primarily instrumental in giving me tools to fight the case in appeals court – which I did and I won.

In due time, I will get my children back. Meanwhile, I have found a family and community not related by blood but much deeper than blood.

F.S. New York