Purposeful Walk

Purposeful Walk

Life is about the moments. If you try to remember your life backward, you will just remember biggest moments of your life. And in general, sense, if you have more happy moments than bad moments, you will say life was rather happier. But it cannot be that simple, correct?

The fact that we remember those moments because there is some context to them. Maybe the efforts we put in to achieve something or maybe crisis we faced when we were not prepared for it. So if the moment is the highlight of the life, what is rest of the time? How do you define rest of the time leading up to or after the moment?

This is where we can talk more about living joyfully vs living purposefully. A joyful life is when we do what we want to do and be happy about it. And purposeful means, we do it with some purpose in mind even if that time/effort may or may not be joyful.

A Grand-slam winner in Tennis does not win with just two weeks of effort, but with far more efforts and sacrifices. May it be 4:00 AM waking up for practice, or not eating the food they like, or going thru rigor to be able to address the weakest skill in the game or facing many defeats. All that prep work and then achievement makes it the most enjoyable moment.

On the other side, people who face crisis can still come out of it and change the world eventually. The most inspiring story for me is of Oprah, who faced sexual abuse at 10, pregnancy at 14, lost her baby and still managed to become one of the most successful people in the world. She did that by making life purposeful, focusing on education and life ahead.

Living purposeful, may it be joyful or not, defines what we are. May all your life-walks are purposeful and may you find the way to make it joyful.

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