Our Story

Update:  Yogi and Nik are now "Professional Divorce Mediators" in State of New Jersey accredited by NJAPM (New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators)

Strive Forward was formed in January 2018 by Yogi & I. We have been informally helping people for over a year through the online divorce support group. We learned that there is an overwhelming number of people who need an overwhelming degree of support of all kinds – emotional, strategic, legal, financial, custody etc.

Our initial goal was to help answer simple questions and share experiences as people went through their divorces, but the group quickly evolved into so much more. As we grew as an online community we saw the need to bootstrap ourselves to bring consistency, quality, and professionalism to deliver world-class services in a cost-effective and timely manner. This quest for improvement beings with the creation of Strive Forward.

We are committed to helping you through your situation with empathy, integrity, fairness, and responsibility. We are building a great team of volunteers and collaborative culture towards that goal.

– Nik (with Yogi sitting next to me 🙂 )

Suyog Gandhi (Yogi) – Chairman & Co-founder

Yogi is a single father, based in Edison, NJ. He has two beautiful children a 5 yr old daughter and a 9 yr old son. He works as a Sr. Director in a software firm. He spends every spare minute helping other people (well, Fridays are saved for the movie-dinner night with his kids).

Yogi lived through a long, bitter, and complicated divorce himself. He has two young kids and had to deal with a very difficult and hostile spouse during his 5 year separation/divorce process, which involved complexities such as complex custody battle,  Child Protection Services cases, child development issues, international jurisdiction issues, international travel issues, mental-health complexities, restraining orders, post-divorce breach of contract, court-order violations, overseas property/assets complications, and immigration issues.  His clear, balanced thinking and positive approach enabled him to handle these difficult conditions and turn them around into a favorable outcome for himself and his kids. Today he is a single father, providing a safe, stable, happy and healthy life for his children.

During this challenging journey, Yogi was helped by many from different professions and walk of life, and in return he wanted to pay it forward by sharing his experience, knowledge, failures & success to pave the path forward for others. Now, a year later – Yogi is well recognized and respected in community for helping affected parents and their children.

Yogi’s professional expertise is in Business Development, Customer Relations & Success, Marketing & Networking, Building Partner/Affiliation network, Company Operations, Divorce Mediation/Strategy and Technology Domain.

At Strive Forward – Yogi is responsible for Vision, Business Development, Customer Success, Strategy, Marketing, Partner/Affiliation network, Company operations, Consulting Services, Divorce Management, and Technology.

Nikhil Tekwani (Nik) – CEO & Co-founder

Nik is a dad of two beautiful and resilient children, a talented Indian cuisine cook, an avid hiker and mountaineer, technologist and a master of disaster. He is passionate about children’ safety and mental health causes in the community.

He believes life is a continual improvement process of rethinking, redefining and recreating everything that matters to Strive Forward as individuals and community. He is confident and assertive when necessary, but also very emphatic, understanding and patient, which enables him to see the bigger picture in complex business and life situations.

At a personal level, he is deeply loving, caring, compassionate, easy going, well-rounded, and optimistic. At a professional level, he is competitive, analytical, cooperative, collaborative, logic and data-driven problem solver, a rational decision maker, and a dynamic leader.

Nik’s professional experience is in creating Lean Startup, Strategy & Planning, Accounting, Business Management, Corporate Finance, Analytics & Data Science, Agile Transformation, Architecture & Design, Microservices, Products & Services, Operational Efficiencies, and Technology domain.

At Strive Forward – Nik is responsible for Vision, Culture & Values, Community Services, Accelerated Growth, Accounting & Financials, Copyright, Directory services, Divorce Framework, Intelectual Property & Patents, Investor & VC relations, Legal & Compliance, Risk & Control, and Strategy.