Our Mission

Our mission is to make Mediation available easily. We strongly believe that mediation is most powerful, quickest and cost-effective way to resolve family matters. Divorce/separation costs a lot and both parties are likely to lose significant life-time savings. It does not have to be that way. Through mediation we can resolve all situations and save ton of money for individuals.

We want to shed light on power of mediation.


We are Professional Divorce Mediators accredited by NJAPM (New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators). We have gone through extensive training to get accredited.

We are supporting hundreds of Divorcee/Separated during and after the divorce process through our support organization (

We are Divorcee ourselves and have gone through complex and expensive Divorce. (

We are really good with numbers. 🙂

Why free?

We are divorcees and we have spent significant money towards Divorce. As per our own experience, the stress and asset-depletion could lead to significant health and financial issues. We aim to make process of Divorce “less-stressful and less-expensive“. We aim to avoid health issues generated due to family conflict.

We have been helped my many many people during tough times in our life. And this is our way of saying thanks to those who helped and giving something in return to the community.

Note: We do have limited hours, hence we encourage that you call us and book the appointment.

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