Kaleidoscope of mind and Parenthood

Kaleidoscope of mind and Parenthood

Your mind is like a kaleidoscope you always carry with yourself. This kaleidoscope has gems made up from your experience. You have to use these gems to see the world. You use these gems to make sense out of this world. These gems are unique only to you. Hence your world is also very unique but it is of the color of your gems.

When you hear a good music or poetry it acts like fresh light flowing through your kaleidoscope. You never know which gem that light will reflect from and that gem will start glowing again for that moment in time. Light always touches your gems on top first hence your recent experiences are stronger than oldest ones. But gems below, being most used, are always the strongest and most shining and make your world what it is. The idea is to keep your most precious gems always shining so that it will always show you the most beautiful world.

As a parent, my children’s smile and achievements are those gems which enrich my kaleidoscope. What’s yours?

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