It is OK to get Divorce

It is OK to get Divorce

It is everyone’s dream to get married to the right person and live a happy life. It’s a partnership of love and bonding, but not everyone is lucky -some have a happy journey while for others it’s a difficult one.

Marriage is about that unconditional love, bonding, and equal partnership but sometimes that love fades, trust vanishes and scares take the place. We lose the joyfulness, with relationship diminishing to a slow death.

The relationship turns so difficult that it becomes impossible to live such a life. on top, it is not easy to make that life-changing decision. We explore through series of questions and answers and possible scenarios to save the marriage. When none of it makes any logical sense, we make a decision to get divorced and try to be strong with self and say – It is Ok to get Divorced.

There can be a million questions, doubts from friends and family as such. We don’t need to justify anybody since we know deep down in our heart what I went through with my significant other and that it is impossible to be together anymore. We don’t need anybody’s acceptance as we know the reason within, and know – It is OK to get Divorced.

While it’s not easy to be divorced, but it is not impossible either. Life is so beautiful, and nothing stops because of our divorce, we accept the reality and align our life with the reality.

It hurts sometimes but we are strong and with endurance, we push through everything including the emotional hurts, legal battles in courts etc. It is a short battle for some but for others it may be long drawn battle of 12 to 13 years. It is hard, very difficult indeed for many. Yes! it shakes the very foundation of our life and our sanity but somewhere in the midst of this struggle we gain strength from within our soul to move ahead – It is Ok to get Divorced.

It is Ok to stand up for ourselves and walk out of a difficult or an abusive relationship with our head held high. It is OK to be ourselves – It is OK to get Divorced.

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