Consulting Services

Experts to guide you through your emotional, mental and parenting related issues.

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1.Managed focused chats for members.

2.Focused analysis of your situation to identify “Do you really want a Divorce/separation?”

  • This analysis will guide you to separate the symptoms vs root cause of the differences between you two.
  • E.g. many times people think of separation because of added stressors in life such as child, new job, more responsibilities, post-partum issues, mid-life crisis etc. We would rather you address the root cause and address the cause instead of going through the separation/divorce.

3.Focused analysis of “what does Divorce mean for me?”

  • We will evaluate your marital, emotional, mental, and financial situation to provide you with overall impact of Divorce on your life. Generally this service helps you identify if and when you want to go to lawyer and start the process.

4.individual Consulting

Description: Divorce is hard on everybody. We analyze your individual situation to provide you guidance on your divorce process. This consulting focuses on more tactical issues of how to handle day-to-day life and changes due to decision of Divorce. This consulting is essential in the beginning and at regular frequency in order to make sure that you are in healthy mindset to go through the very stressful divorce process.

5. Children Consulting

Description: Divorce is especially hard on children and it generally has long term impact on their lives. We analyze their current state of mind and provide you guidance on if they need any short-term or long-term intervention. We can also provide you with few pointers on kind of activities child will benefit from.

6.Group Consulting

Description: Group consulting helps in connecting with parents going through similar situations. You can learn from other people’s experience. Our in house experts monitor the sessions to make sure everybody gets maximum out of the session. Group sessions are generally with similar situations people and hence not all sessions may be applicable for your situation.